Fedora Rebula SLOVENIA 🇸🇮

Fedora Rebula SLOVENIA 🇸🇮

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Beautiful aromatics of ripe apple, fig, mango, nutmeg, bread and butter. Elegant, spicy, slightly tannic, salty orange wine. 

Try it with fried/tempura vegetables, risottos and pastas, seafood, river and sea fish.

Alc. 11%

Harvest by hand, spontaneous fermentation, no yeast added. Skin contact. Matured in concrete eggs and wooden barrels for 18 months.

"We strive to use as little intervention as possible in bottling the life fluids of the vines and its grapes. Our wines encapsulate the qualities of the earth and the venerable traditions of Vipavska dolina. Our principal guide is that less is more."

Fedora, Kobal family, Vipavska brda, western Slovenia.


We enjoy wine. It makes us ponder, take pleasure, remember. We tell stories of Fedora and of the history of our family and our home. Are they true, altered, or fake? We let you be the judge. Every wine has its own story.

The Groom

A young man full of high hopes went to Trieste, where he sold his first barrels of wine. He put a nice heap of money, which he intended to use for dowry, under his hat. While heading back, he looked upon new life which sprouted towards the sun – at last spring had arrived!

When he returned to his village, he noticed the first sparks of the annual bonfire which illuminated the villagers’ faces brightly and mimicked the moonlight itself. But the man wasn’t bothered. Determined to ask for the mayor’s daughter’s hand in marriage, he first walked up to her father. Because he was a respectful young lad, the groom-to-be raised his hat and the wind blew his hard-earned money into the raging fire. But his would-be-bride, blinded by the riches fyling through the air, followed them straight into the flames. The horrified villagers could do nothing but witness how the girl promised eternal loyalty to the flaming beast.  The groom stood as if frozen; his heart stopped and the spark in his eyes was gone. But his fable lives on in our Rebula.

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