De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate Classic Muscat 500 ml AUSTRALIA

De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate Classic Muscat 500 ml AUSTRALIA

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Classic Rutherglen Muscat from Muscat à Petit Grains Rouge grape.  Smooth and delicious. Fresh raisins, butterscotch, dried fig and roasted nuts aromas. Very sweet and at the same tme very well balanced with fresh accidity. 

Enjoy on its own, with rich desserts and full flavoured cheeses. "For a decadent dessert treat, place a bottle in the freezer, let it become syrupy and drizzle over ice-cream as a delicious topping, sprinkle with chopped praline". De Bortoli. 

Winemaking: "The grapes are harvested, crushed, then allowed to soak on skins so that all the sugar and rich flavours are extracted into the juice. A small degree of fermentation may or may not be encouraged while the juice is ‘on skins’, depending on the level of sugar, but after the fruit is pressed, the juice is ‘fortified’ with neutral grape spirit, and the finished wine is then aged in old oak barrels. The wine in the bottle is then blended from barrels of different age". De Bortoli.

Bottle size: 500ml


Made by Rutherglen Estate in north-east corner of Victoria, Australia.  

De Bortoli: "Muscats from Rutherglen are made in a style like no other as a result of the unique combination of climate, grape variety, soils and most of all, the reserved stocks and unsurpassed blending skills to create Muscats that are rich, complex and intense". 

IWC International WIne Challenge tasting notes: "Deep amber. Millionaire shortbread, black treacle, wildflower honey with lavender, and cardamon, leading to a decadent finish."

Each muscat maker is free to interpret the Classic style as long as they meet basic parameters. Rutherglen Estate chooses the fresh, clean and floral approach. Light on its feet with the scent of jasmine, anise, dried fig and toffee. Gracious on the palate, caramel toffee, star anise and potpourri run long and clean. A cuddly classic. 500ml. 90 Points. Halliday Wine Companion 2022, August 2021