Georgische oranje wijn Ocho Kisi

DoReMi Ocho Kisi GEORGIA 🇬🇪

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Amber, crystal clear dry natural wine. Dried apple, pears, persimmon and herbal tea aromas. Quite tannic and accidic. Distinctive and intense. A match for generous and colourful Ottolenghi cuisine, hard cheeses, richly-spiced pork, beef, chicken. 

Serve not too chill, at 12-14°. Giving it a chance to "breathe" before drinking (or enjoying it next day after opening), makes it even more complex and delicious.

Made of 100% Kisi, a native Georgian grape from the vineyards of Chikaani village, Kvareli, Kakheti, Eastern Georgia. Organic farming, natural vinification, no additives, wine ferments and  spends 6 months ageing on skin and stems in qvevri.   

Founded in 2012 by a small group of wine loving friends, DoReMi makes organic wines using ancient Georgian techniques. Ocho is a new label from the friends behind DoReMi, it refers to the pre-christian Georgian spirit of the natural world.  "In Georgian mythology, Ocho is considered the protector of forests and wild animals. On Ocho labels, you see precious animals of Georgian’s fauna that are at risk of extinction. While drinking Ocho wine made in an archaic way and looking at these mysterious animals you wonder who you are and why you are here".