Mátyás impressiō SLOVAKIA 🇸🇰

Mátyás impressiō SLOVAKIA 🇸🇰

Normale prijs
Normale prijs
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Super juicy red with tons of energy! Red fruit, red current, pomegranate, hints of fresh spices. Light on its feet yet persistent, with low alcohol and excellent drinkability. 

Grapes: 75% Pinot Noir + 25% Blaufränkisch 
Alc. 12%,
Low sulphites: 24 mg/l
Soil type: limestone, loess, sandstone

Organic farming (certified), natural winemaking, wild yeasts, 5 months in old oak barrels, unfiltered, unfined, low sulphite.
Winemaker András Mátyás about this wine: 
- it's a totally new approach to red wines for us. Early harvest, partly unpruned vines, with an intention of keeping a fresh energy, a refreshing energy in the wines. Reds don't need to be big reds all the time. It's for the times when You would like to enjoy a few glasses. But You can also spend some time thinking over it, as it is still complex, as well. 

- impressiō. Many times, I think about natural winemaking as an impressionist painting. You paint reality, but with Your feelings and impressions at that exact moment. The reality is the nature, the natural grape, the art is how You make the wine, how You create the blend. We always have a feeling, an idea, an impression when creating a wine, mostly a blend, what we want to share, so we are experimenting until we find it, we feel it in the wine. Thus we put our feelings into it and I think that's what makes a natural wine unique, for me, an impressionist art :)

and some more technical info :):

- Early-harvest-grapes and partly (around the half of all) grapes from unpruned vines to save the fresh fruitiness and nice acidity and keep ABV low. The 'pruning-free method' helps us to slow down the ripening process, which is usually really fast in the last Years' extreme hot and dry summers, and also helps to keep the sugars lower, to keep the balance of the sugar level, acidity, pH level. So as a result, we have better fermentations, then well-balanced lighter wine with good energies in the end. 2 week fermentation on skin. 4-5 months in old oak barrels, not much, just to smooth down the 'edges'.

Crafted by Mátyás Family Winery using organic and biodynamic farming methods and traditional winemaking techniques with minimal intervention.

Strekov region, south Slovakia.